Vaccum Dewatered Flooring ( VDF)

Vacuum Dewatered Floors Process


Floors in factories and industries have concrete being the most versatile of flooring material, has been in use for a long time. To overcome the deficiencies of concrete a system was devised to improve the properties of such concrete floors. This system is "Vacuum Dewatered Floors.


1. Compressive strength of floor increases by upto 60%


2. Tensile strength increases by @ 70%


3. Cement consumption is reduced to the extent of 40%, no cement is required separately for finishing the surface.


4. Abrasion resistance of the floor increases by @ 60% resulting in less wear and rear of the floor surface


5. Shrinkage of concrete is reduced and floor wraps less.



In this system, concrete is poured in place & vibrated with a poker vibrator. Then a screed vibrator is run over the surface, supported on channel shuttering spaced 4.0 meters apart. The screed vibrator is run twice to achieve optimum compaction & leveling. After this a system of lower mats & top mat is laid on the green concrete & this is attached to a vacuum pump. This draws out excess water.